Oooh pick me! My god tier is Maid of Void and I know it fits me so well but I can't quite articulate why. I'd love to hear your analysis!

Maid is an active creation/healing class. They actively seek not only to create their aspect, but also to create through their aspect. They also have minor elements in healing, but a sort of healing by filling in a need, unlike a Sylph.

Void is all about obscurity and obfuscation or destruction of knowledge. So a Maid of Void, would seek to hide information, and prevent others from finding it. She could do this by presenting it as unimportant or making people act submissive to her or something that would make them not want to see the information. Its confusing, but Void always is. Why would she do this? For the purpose of creation! Especially if the information would discourage somebody from the act of creation, then she would happily make sure people wouldn’t find it.

She would also have this funny habit of pulling up random bits of information. Don’t question how she got it. She’ll never tell, if she even knows where she got it. A Maid would take this habit of Void even further, and would just have things that are necessary, maybe absent-mindedly doodling a sketch that turned out to be vital or grabbing a pencil that she didn’t need so someone else could use it later. There would be a conflict of destruction vs creation in her, and of passive vs active action, but a fully realized Maid of Void could be a powerful agent for both!

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